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Craps Basics Craps

 Craps, when it was first played in its basic form, was a very simple game. It was meant to be that players would throw two dice, and some would bet that seven would come up and other would bet that a “point” meaning any other number would be thrown first. It usually meant that the players who bet against sevens coming up lost, as the statistical chances of seven being thrown is much higher than any other combination. However, in those days, people who played craps were not known for their mathematical abilities, as the game was mostly played in back alleys or in the back rooms of salons and pubs. Complaining to the management wasn’t always an option.
When Craps was transferred to a casino setting, the odds changed a little and the chances of players winning also increased with it. This was because a player could also place bets against the possibilities of the seven being thrown, which also made the game a lot more interesting.

In the casino version, before the shooter makes a pass, players make either a Pass Line bet or a Don’t Pass bet. That means if either a seven or eleven comes up, players who bet on that line get paid even money. If a “craps” bet (two, three or twelve) comes up, then the seven or eleven loses, and the players who bet on “any craps” get paid out very attractive odds.

This sequence can go on until the shooter makes a “point” which is any of the following numbers ( four, five, six, eight, nine or ten) After the point has been made the shooter continues to toss the dice until either the point is made or seven is thrown. If the player succeeds in making the point, they will usually be allowed to “keep the dice” and continue onto the next roll. If they throw a seven, and especially if it is early on in the pass, they will certainly not be invited to take on another pass, and will usually leave the table, the victim of some heavy stares and veiled threats.

Online craps hasn’t changed that much from the land casino version as far as rules are concerned. The one major difference is that an online player can pit their wits against the house on their own, and without any pressure of time. An interesting new development in online craps is the development of online craps tournaments. These tournaments are based on the winning formula of Texas Hold’em tournaments where a player pays a fixed entry fee, is issued a few thousand playing chips and has to play against the house for a certain amount of time. The player who has the most chips at the end of the time wins the tournament and a fairly substantial prize. At A Gambling Casino we are pleased to keep players up to date on all the latest craps play and tournaments.